Ubisoft Confirms ‘Roller Champions’ Is Finally Coming to Switch Today

Roller champions
Image: Ubisoft

Update [Tue 21st Jun, 2022 09:10] Ubisoft has revealed that Roller Champions is indeed coming to Switch today!

The company shared the news on Twitter yesterday, and also announced that the Disco Fever season kicks off today. The season brings with it new items, outfits and a brand new game mode. Watch the trailer below to see what’s waiting for you in the arena!

Original article [Mon 20th Jun, 2022 16:15 BST]† Free to play roller skating game Roller champions Launched last month on Sony and Microsoft consoles without any update on the Switch version. However, it looks like we shouldn’t be wrong to slalom as the game’s eShop listing has been updated with a release date.

In this futuristic multiplayer game, skaters go to arenas to battle it out at 100 miles per hour, and you can skate it with others from tomorrow according to the UK eShop list† That’s right, Roller Champions launches on 21st of June

Ubisoft hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for this to come tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of the game from the Nintendo list:

Skate, tackle and roll your way to victory in Roller Champions™. Discover a free-to-play team PvP sports game like no other!

Welcome to 2032. Arenas are being built all over the world and fans are rushing to the stands to admire their modern day heroes, the Roller Champions. Rolling up to 100 miles per hour, tackling opponents, wall skating and dunking while thousands of fans shout their names.

Play as Roller Champion in a team of three against three. The rules are simple: take the ball, make a round while maintaining team possession, dodging opponents and scoring. Go for more points by completing extra rounds before attempting a goal. Win fans after every match to compete in bigger arenas. Customize characters and create a unique destiny.

Our friends at Push Square shared their thoughts on the game back when it launched on PS4 last month, and had this to say:

There is definitely potential for this game to be great as the sport at its heart is well realized and most of the gameplay runs smoothly. The game just feels a little lean, like it was pushed out before it’s actually done

Hopefully there’s a little more to dig into now that Roller Champions has been in the arena for a month. And if the game comes out tomorrow, that means it’ll be competing with another free-to-play launch on the Switch on the same day – autumn boys† However, the fast-paced gameplay and premise alone got us interested.

Check out the game’s overview trailer below and let us know if you’ll be downloading the game on Switch!

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