Nothing Phone (1) lights up and what they can do [Video]

There’s a lot of hype behind Carl Pei’s return to smartphones in the Nothing Phone (1), but it remains to be seen whether the device will actually live up to expectations. However, ahead of launch, we get a first look at the Nothing Phone (1) and its signature trick, “glyph” lights.

Nothing Phone (1) gets the hands-on treatment

Marques Brownlee posted a new video on his YouTube channel, where he gets a first look at the Nothing Phone (1) in action.

We’ve seen some stills and clips before, but this is the best look we’ve had on the device yet.

As previously suggested, the Nothing Phone (1) is very similar to an iPhone 12/13, with the same dual camera array and layout on the back, and flat metal sides. The front also has medium-sized bezels in the current market, but with a hole punch for the selfie camera instead of the iPhone’s notch.

But the main difference from the design is of course the back of the device, where the “transparent” design does indeed give it a very unique look compared to most devices.

The transparent back has a special ‘glyph’ design under the glass, with lights that both serve to make the design stand out and have a few functions.

This is what the lights on Nothing Phone (1) can do

Besides just looking cool, there are some real functions that the lights on Nothing Phone (1) can do.

Among which:

  • Lights up to indicate notifications
  • Lights up when using reverse wireless charging
  • The bottom light is an indicator of the charging progress via the cable (shake to show)
  • Fill light for cameras
  • Blinking red light when recording videos
  • Blinking lights to match built-in ringtones

It also looks like there will be some sort of feedback with Google Assistant and the glyph lighting system.

It wasn’t discussed in the video, but we assume it could function as a Google Assistant smart speaker, with the lights coming on to respond to “Hey Google” voice commands. We’ll have to wait and see.

Will these turn out to be a gimmick?

Some of them probably will, but these are definitely unique ideas that sound pretty fun.

In fact, with a clear case, or one that even directs the light to the rest of the phone, there could be a good amount of usability here.

Nothing Phone (1) is ready to be fully revealed next month, but we don’t know yet exactly how much it will cost or where it will be available.

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