Digi ConnectCore Voice Control allows users to control device operations with voice

Digi International unveiled Digi ConnectCore Voice Control, a voice control software solution for its ConnectCore family of system-on-modules (SOMs).

ConnectCore Voice Control is a fully integrated, turn-key software solution that enables developers to design a speech-based human-machine interface (HMI) and allows users to control device operations with speech. Digi ConnectCore Voice Control provides voice processing on edge devices without requiring cloud connectivity. This reduces connectivity costs and data privacy concerns and provides fast response times (less than 100 ms).

Digi ConnectCore Voice Control is a software solution that supports 30 different languages ​​and a vocabulary of 60,000 words, enabling ConnectCore modules to quickly process speech on edge devices. It also includes a complete suite of tools to train new commands and generate custom voice-activated applications. Digi ConnectCore Voice Control gives embedded device developers significantly faster time-to-value with its expanded capabilities.

While speech processing has long been a primary feature of consumer technology for TVs, vehicles and telephones, most applications in transportation, healthcare and retail typically rely on touchscreen interfaces. However, a glass display can easily break or fail in industrial settings, requiring repairs or replacements. Voice command is ideal for these mission-critical applications where touch is not a viable option.

“Digi’s ConnectCore Voice Control enables engineers to create touchless Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for their devices, enabling interaction even at distances where the device cannot be seen,” said Andreas Burghart, Senior Product Manager.

“This is especially useful in industrial environments where voice-activated devices can increase security by allowing users to focus on important tasks instead of controlling the device via a touch-based GUI. Growing up with smartphones, today’s embedded device users increasingly expect the same type of speech interface that they experience at home and in vehicles. But this can be difficult and expensive to develop, especially in embedded Linux, as it typically requires talented UI developers and special software tools. Digi ConnectCore Voice Control includes everything the developer needs to seamlessly integrate voice control into their devices.”

Digi’s software development kit is available at no cost and allows engineers to create a proof of concept, demonstrate the speech capabilities and design voice control functions for their Digi ConnectCore based device. The download includes a single evaluation and development software license for any customer who has previously purchased a Digi ConnectCore 8M Nano Development Kit. For deployment, OEMs purchase additional licenses per unit.

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