STMicroelectronics’ new chip increases energy efficiency in

STMicroelectronics’ new chip increases energy efficiency
in consumer electronics, with the potential to save nearly 100 terawatt hours globally

ST-ONE power controller combines with STs MasterGaN technology in a record-breaking design for a laptop/smartphone charger with energy recovery

Geneva, June- 202022 STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global leader in semiconductors serving customers across the spectrum of electronic applications, is improving the sustainability of personal computing with its latest innovation. The new chip, called ST-A, sets to increase energy efficiency in a wide range of ac-dc adapters, fully compatible with USB-PD 3.1, including chargers for laptops and smartphones. New adapters built with ST-ONE can use both CO2 emissions and the amount of plastic consumed.

The new ST-ONE chip is mated to ST’s MasterGaN power modules based on advanced gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology. The GaN chips enable significant energy savings and smaller equipment sizes.

While laptops offer optional power-saving settings, any machine can save even more power if it’s equipped with a more efficient power adapter. This improves the environmental profile and CO2 footprint. The ST-ONE chip is optimized to drive power supplies that recover energy normally dissipated as heat from conventional circuits. It also simplifies circuit design with a significant reduction in the number of components, making this type of power supply more robust, affordable and widely adopted in the market.

If each power adapter achieves at least a 1% increase in efficiency, which is possible with the sSHOW energy recovery circuit design, the world could save about 93 terawatt hours of energy, which is equivalent to the output of 15 nuclear power plantssaid Domenico Arrigo, General Manager of the Industrial and Power Conversion Division, STMicroelectronics. †Moreover, if one billion chargers worldwide were to use our technology, 0.2 million tons of plastic and raw materials could be saved.”

The reduction in the consumption of materials such as plastics is achieved with the increase in the so-called power density, which allows smaller components to manage greater power output. High power density also lowers recycling and environmental costs.

On display at the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, ST’s reference design, EVLONE65W, allows a 65W USB-C adapter of the same size and weight (less than 70g in a 37cm3) of a standard 20W smartphone charger to meet the demands of laptop charging. This unit achieves the world’s highest power density, with power exceeding 1.8 watts per cubic centimeter.

Further technical information

ST-ONE is optimized for designs based on a new non-complementary active-clamp flyback topology, which enables high power above 65W with higher efficiency than other topologies such as the quasi-resonant flyback.

It is the world’s first digital controller to integrate a programmable offline power controller based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, a high voltage starting circuit, a synchronous rectification controller and USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) circuitry in one package.

The ST-ONE contains all the peripherals needed to control the conversion. USB-PD communication is implemented on the secondary side and reinforced galvanic isolation is provided to allow the primary and secondary circuits to communicate in compliance with safety requirements.

Using the MasterGaN integrated power stage with advanced wide-bandgap transistors and optimized drivers, adapters operate at increased switching frequencies, enabling smaller magnetic components to maximize power density.

The ST-ONE comes with 64 kByte built-in flash to allow designers to customize both the USB-PD protocol and the power conversion stage.

The ST-ONE controller comes with USB-PD 3.1 PPS certified firmware preloaded into the flash memory, providing users with a turnkey solution for designing standard applications.

ST-ONE is in production and available now, in an SSOP36 package, starting at $3.70 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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