M2 MacBook Pro still very easy to pre-order before release

After a weekend of pre-orders, the M2 MacBook Pro remains abundantly available on Apple’s website, possibly indicating a lack of demand for a device overshadowed by the looming new MacBook Air.

Pre-orders for the new M2 MacBook Pro started early Friday, but an early outage on Apple’s website left only the two base-spec configurations with 8GB of RAM available to order. Although delivery times started to decrease later that day, inventory for the device has stabilized four days after launch and there is only one type. M2 MacBook Pro (2022) is hard to get hold of.

Our research on Apple’s website shows that everything but the 24GB combined memory option for the new MacBook Pro is readily available. The basic specification 8GB version with 256GB storage is still available to pre-order with a June 23 launch date. Another 8 GB version with expanded storage of 512 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB SSD storage will ship in just 4-6 business days, possibly again on the June 23 release date. Likewise, the 16 GB version of all these storage configurations has the same paltry 4-6 latency.

As noted, only the 24GB version is proving harder to get hold of, with shipping the best MacBook Pro configuration was available at a steady 5-6 weeks. The new 24GB integrated memory option is a new feature of Apple’s all-new M2 processor and a distinct feature from the old 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1† The M2 offers users a performance improvement of about 20% over the old ones, more when you consider the graphics performance.

Unpopular question?

So it seems that demand for the new MacBook Pro appears to have been muted overall, possibly because the device is somewhat eclipsed by the new one. M2 MacBook Air which debuts next month. The Air has the same processor (albeit with 8 GPU cores instead of the standard 10), unified memory, storage, improved display and a better FaceTime HD camera.

The only reason it seems you could pick the Pro over the Air is the improved battery life, active cooling of the M2 chip, and the aforementioned boost to the GPU on the lower-spec models. You can get a 10-core GPU in your MacBook Air, but it’s a more expensive optional extra. Another big difference is the Touch Bar, which doesn’t get much love from Apple these days, but could be a deal breaker (or maker) for some. The Pro also comes standard with a more powerful USB-C charger, but that same charger, when added to the Air, provides fast charging, which is good for 50% battery in just 30 minutes.

The good news of all this is that the new MacBook Pro is probably the perfect device for someone out there, possibly for those who need a little more juice but can’t justify buying the MacBook Pro (2021)† If you find yourself in that category, the new M2 MacBook Pro is available to pre-order right now.

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