Experts share their tips for working from your smartphone

The past few years have not been great, to say the least. But amid the not-so-fun times we’ve had to swallow, there have been glints of silver linings. Looking back to the early 2020s, we see a time of great disaster, but also of great innovation. According to some, innovation should have come a long time ago.

The early 2020s will be remembered as the era when the concept of working full-time from an office was eventually eradicated from mainstream consensus as the standard way of working. Working from home became the new normal, and once we got out of our lockdown, “working from home” evolved into “work from anywhere”.

As we’ve made this collective shift in how we approach the way we work, we’ve also changed our collective view of the tools we use to get the job done, whatever that job may be. As we continue to evolve into a new mobile work style, smartphones are increasingly prominent in the everyday worker’s arsenal. And networks are getting better to match the pace of hardware, with companies like Optus rolls out 5G coverage to meet the demand for this new way of working.

To get a better understanding of how to best use smartphones in this new era of work, we spoke with Garry McGregor, Vice President of Mobile at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“We no longer have to be tied to a desk or a laptop to get to work, the changing landscape after the pandemic has shown us that,” says Garry. “Smartphones are much more than a device for receiving calls or emails, they can extend the workplace to anywhere. From calls to meetings, mobile camera technology helps us communicate and connect smoothly as our workspaces increasingly revolve around video. to spin.”

“A 2018 report from Deloitte estimates that 70% of employees worldwide are not sitting behind a desk all the time and are leaving the PC in favor of 100% mobile working. With that in mind, simplicity on the go is essential. exceptionally large and bright screens on the market, working from a smartphone isn’t that different from working from a tablet or a small laptop – now we just have fewer gadgets to juggle with.”

“As modern smartphone screens get bigger and their screens become more sophisticated, there’s been a clear shift towards device interchangeability within our workspaces.”

Here are some top tips and productivity hacks for getting the most out of Samsung devices, from trainers at Samsung Electronics Australia:


“Microsoft Outlook is the default email program preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and in partnership with Microsoft, it has some unique features that are only available to Galaxy users. A favorite is: just highlight some of the text from the email you received and click ‘Quote’ to automatically add it to a reply email back to the sender.”

Video call

“Samsung has included Auto Framing in many popular video callers. Auto framing keeps you in the center of the frame during video calls and even enlarges the image when more people enter the frame. It is visually appealing and removes the empty space around you, where you remain central.”

Research Tips

“If while browsing the web on the S22 Ultra you find a piece of information you like and you want to save both information and the link you got it from, just highlight the text, drag it to the side and open it in Samsung Notes. You can then go back to the website at any time, or keep a log of all your resources for your project.”

Photography and video

“If you want to get more out of your photos, for example for a presentation, your website or social channels, try the Expert RAW app from the Galaxy Store. It gives you professional controls such as ISO, shutter speed and exposure, while simultaneously enhancing the multi-frame using the phone’s image technology to give you the ultimate photo. It also saves it as a RAW file so you can adjust and edit it to your liking in the post.

If you want to create professional videos, try the Pro Video mode. Pro Video mode gives you ultimate control over your content, allowing you to set the settings and even manipulate the way audio is recorded. Shoot in 8K, 4K and even FHD at a fast 120 fps.

In our mixed lives, we know that people use their handsets for both pleasure and work, so have fun with Single Take. If you take your kids to the beach or to a playground on the weekend, set the camera mode to Single Take and capture how your kids live their best lives. A single shot can record up to 20 seconds and capture up to 14 different photos and videos. It uses AI to pick the best photos and create collages, boomerangs, and even a best shot.”

Take notes

Taking notes during a long meeting or on the go should be as easy as possible. Make sure no crucial information is missed with Audio Bookmark. In the Samsung Notes app, while taking your handwritten notes with your Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen “You can record the audio of the meeting while writing your notes at the same time. Your handwritten notes will line up with the recorded audio so you can give context to your scribble.”

Calendars and planning

“Calendar management doesn’t have to be a headache. When communicating via Messages on calendars, the app prompts you to add your meeting directly to your calendar. This saves you time, keeps meeting information accurate and means you can stay productive. “

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