Call Of Duty Cheaters Get Weapons Jacked By Anti-Cheat System

A Call of Duty: Vanguard depiction of a googly-eyed soldier firing an invisible pistol.

Duty is plagued by cheaters, but Activision’s Team Ricochet is always developing new tools to prevent bad actors from taking advantage Forefront and war zone cheating. Now Ricochet has implemented another anti-cheat measure as part of its “mitigation toolbox” that steals cheaters’ weapons from their hands and even prevents them from hitting. In principle, Codfish cheaters are transformed into pacifists when caught by the game’s anti-cheat software.

Ricochet – a group composed of security, game and server engineers, researchers, data scientists and more – published a blog about anti-cheat progress reports on June 16. The group explained that dealing with cheaters is a lot like dealing with viruses: one solution can work, but it’s usually a temporary ointment since bad actors can – and often do –adapt to new roadblocks. So while Ricochet is confident in its growing mitigation toolbox, the group is aware that “tomorrow will continue to present new and evolving threats.” That said, squashing cheaters is a matter of building out the mitigation toolbox and hitting targets with one or all of these anti-cheat measures at once. And a new addition to this toolbox is a technique that Ricochet has called “Disarm”.

The name is pretty clear. When a cheater is detected in either Forefront or war zone, Ricochet’s anti-cheat system will “just take their weapons away from them (including their fists).” That is it. You get caught, you get robbed of the very thing that makes DutyDuty† The fight, the shooting. I can’t imagine it’s fun to play without all that chaos.

Ricochet said they don’t expect to see many clips of it online, but they’ve seen the tool in action and found “the reactions of cheaters [to be] always priceless.” So, IDK, fuck off and found out, I guess. Disarm joins two other techniques in Ricochet’s mitigation toolbox: Cloaking and Damage Shield

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Ricochet also answered some other questions in the blog post. The group confirmed theirnti-cheating system will be active from day one Modern Warfare II and War Zone 2.0† They also said that more than 180,000 combined players have been banned from since April 2022 Forefront and war zone† That’s a lot of people who would probably do well to accept that they are bad at video games. It’s OK.

Activision Blizzard has continued come under fire for his legal troubles years of harassment and sexual misconduct at work. But don’t worry, all is well with the ashamed publisher because it came out last week a report clearing oneself up of any wrongdoing† It doesn’t matter that his moves have had an impact projects and studios, including Vicarious Visions, which had to have a potential THPS 3+4 Remake after being absorbed last year. Maybe Activision should also accept Blizzard it’s bad at managing video games and developers.

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