Binance and luxury brand Vertu Paris launch new smartphone NFTs

Crypto exchange Binance and luxury brand Vertu celebrate luxury and innovation.

In celebration of the 22nd anniversary of Vertu Paris and the introduction of the next generation of smartphones, the luxury brand is partnering with Binance to greet the ultimate integration of cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, NFTs and the new smartphone.

As part of the event, Vertu Paris will exclusively release the new Vertu Constellation X UlmTM smartphone via Binance on June 20.

By purchasing an NFT from the Vertu Paris website, brand aficionados can purchase one of over 10,000 high-end mobile phones.

The official price of the Constellation is about $15,000, but the devices will be available online for just $5,175 each.

Binance Unveils Vertu . Luxury NFTs

About 1,000 NFTs will be available on the Binance NFT platform. The remaining NFTs will be for sale on the decentralized platform on the Vertu Paris website.

The buyer of an NFT has until September 23 to choose between two choices.

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The Constellation's price is around $15,000. Image: Cryptoslate.

The first step is to convert the non-fungible token into a real Vertu Constellation X ULM, which they will receive by February next year at the latest.

Second, they can keep the NFT and join the new Vertu 3.0 business club, which unites the brand’s customers with the web 3.0 community.

With a mission to make the “extraordinary” accessible, the new Vertu Constellation is a combination of cutting edge technical innovation and haute couture craftsmanship.

Vertu’s constellation packed with robust technology

The Constellation is packed with solid 5G capabilities, a fingerprint sensor for biometric security, dual SIM global connectivity and a breathtaking 6.71-inch 120Hz display. It is the ideal companion for international travelers and lovers of premium smartphones.

Communitake, a pioneer and industry leader in communications security, was brought in by Vertu to develop its flagship mobile gadget.

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All interactions between calls and messages are encrypted using Communitake’s advanced technology to prevent interception of voice, data and location. On the Communitake website, customers will find all the security services of Vertu Paris.

Vertu is a British manufacturer and marketer of luxury, handcrafted mobile phones that was founded in 1998 by the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

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According to product reviewers, Vertu’s goal was to advertise cell phones as fashion items, with the rationale “if you can spend $20,000 on a watch, why not on a cell phone?”

Vertu is the creation of former Nokia chief tech designer, the Italian Frank Nuovo.

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