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“We may never know the reason for the murder, but we are under no obligation to prove the motive,” a prosecutor said in a voiceover, as the defendant’s mind in the new Netflix series You do not know me comes into view. She then goes through a litany of evidence to support the government’s case. Traces of the victim’s blood found on the suspect. Cell phone records and CCTV footage connecting him to the crime scene. It’s a devastating list.

We then get a title card for the series, almost a defiant answer to the accuser. White text on a black screen: You do not know me† The defendant, Hero, urges the jury that he did not murder Jamil Issa, a drug dealer in South London, despite what the evidence suggests. “You could have all that evidence, (and) you still wouldn’t understand what happened.”

Why? Again, because as the title of this #10 show on Netflix today in the US states, “you don’t know me.”

You do not know me Netflix series

Based on a novel of the same name by Imran Mahmood—and which uses a defendant’s closing argument as a narrative vehicle to build the plot around—the story here is, in part, a product of Mahmood drawing on the lives of clients he represented as a London lawyer through the years.

You do not know me used to be the first novel of Mahmood† It was turned into the 4 episode crime drama that is now climbing up the Netflix charts

“You know, part of me thought that if I told my speech myself, at least you can kind of feel what it’s like to be me,” the main character tells the jury in the story. “That if my (lawyer) did it, you might all be thinking, ‘Yeah, it’s all really good to make it all shiny and smooth, but that (expletively) still a killer.’ And I really thought if I told my own story, I could make you feel my life, but explaining the evidence out loud is kind of hard.”

Reviews and Comment

The big question here, of course, is: should you watch?

Understandably, many viewers may feel like there are far too many true crime dramas and documents to watch, plus an endless array of police proceedings and the like overtaking our favorite streaming services. damn, You do not know me isn’t even the only crime-based title in the Netflix Top 10 right now.

One thing it is not, however, is your average everyday crime and courtroom drama. Reactions from viewers certainly attest to that, such as a Twitter user who raved about the show “10/10 recommend.” And another:

“Watching You do not know me on Netflix and Kyra just said, “You’re only a good person because your life lets you down.” And that there is powerful, because we judge criminals way too quickly, I will be real. Nobody chooses who they become, they can change it, but not everyone is strong.”

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