PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Critical I/Os NVMe Conduction Cooled, 3UVPX Solid State Removable Drive

June 20, 2022

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Critical I/Os NVMe Conduction Cooled, 3UVPX Solid State Removable Drive

This week’s product, Critical I/O’s SP306N-CCVPX StorePak NVMe CC (conduction cooled), 3U VPX, is a removable single-slot solid-state drive (SSD) module designed to be used stand-alone as Direct Attached Storage, or in combination with Critical I/O’s StoreEngine storage manager. The module meets smaller size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements while continuing to meet strict military standards for extreme environments, as well as encryption and security standards

Specially designed for easy removal and replacement of onboard storage, the StorePak is ideal for applications requiring rapid removal of onboard storage. StorePak also supports high-bandwidth data logging, file serving, and general RAID applications where quick and easy removal of built-in SSDs is essential.

High density

A single StorePak NVMe module can provide as much as 12 Terabytes (12 TB) of solid-state storage in a single 3U slot. Multiple configurations of the module are available with different storage capacities, performance options, and SSD types.

Flexibility and scalability

StorePak can be used standalone as an unattended Direct Attached Storage (DAS) connected to a host CPU card via a PCIe connection to the host. StorePaks can also be used in conjunction with a StoreEngine storage management blade to provide a flexible set of storage options, including recording and sharing NAS files

The module also scales easily by merging multiple StorePaks together to provide even greater capacities and performance. The devices can operate independently or as a single storage source.

StorePak also allows the user to “hot plug” or “hot swap” their storage without shutting down the system to remove or replace the SSD storage. Hot-plug and hot-swap capabilities require an appropriately configured operating system, BIOS, and host processor hardware.

Multi-mode control

When used in conjunction with a StoreEngine storage management module, StorePak also offers high-performance data recording/playback capabilities, fully managed Direct Attached Storage (RAID), and NAS file sharing capabilities.

The StorePak/StoreEngine combination can simultaneously provide:

  • High-performance data recording capabilities at speeds over 5000 MB/s per StorePak.
  • NAS file sharing capabilities with NFS, CIFS or FTP over 1/10/25 Gb Ethernet.
  • Fully managed Direct Attached Storage (DAS, also known as RAID) capabilities with PCIe or Fiber Channel.
  • Support for software-based RAID 0/1/5 for all modes of operation.

The multiple NVMe SSDs on StorePak can also be used in conjunction with host-based software RAID. RAID 0 (striping) is often used to merge drives for maximum performance. RAID 1 (mirroring) and RAID 5 (parity) are commonly used for enhanced data protection through redundancy.

Encryption/Security Capabilities

The following data protection options are available for StorePak:

  • Password protection
  • AES (256 full disk encryption)
  • The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Opal Specification
  • FIPS 140‐2 Level 1

Other possibilities

  • High performance: up to 5 GBytes/s per StorePak
  • 100,000 insertion cycles (StorePak storage module)
  • All standard StorePak configurations use TLC flash media: SSD‐3DTLC – 3D Triple-Level Cell (TLC) Flash media The following types of flash media may be available by special order:

    • SSD (MLC Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Flash Media)
    • SSD (eMLC) Enhanced Multi-Level Cell (eMLC) Flash Media
    • SSD (SLC Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash Media)

  • Seven 4-lane PCIe Gen3 backplane ports
  • Data/Expansion Plane PCIe Connectivity
  • Low power: 35 watts typical
  • Air and conduction cooled versions available
  • Weight: 24.8 grams
  • Temperature range:

    • R1: Operating: -40C to +71C; Storage: -40C to +85C
    • R2: Operating: -40C to +85C; Storage: -55C to +105C

For more information, visit the SP306N-CCVPX StorePak product page hereor visit the company websiteor follow the links below.


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  • Download the “StorePak/StoreEngine App Overview: Recorder, RAID or File Server” white paperclick here
  • For sales information, click here

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