Overflowing applications for down payment assistance, Northside Coalition asks for more funding

New program to make down payments on houses in Jax . to help pay

The program to help people with down payments on a house has received dozens of applications in its first few days.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — For many, homeownership can seem out of reach, especially in this economy. Two local organizations work together to teach people to be homeowners and help them with their down payment.

Northside Coalition President Ben Frazier sthey have received more applications than they can fund

The program was announced on June 15 and the need is clear. Frazier says 30-40 requests have come in, which is more than they can help.

The program works with LISC Jacksonville to revive these zip codes 32208 and 32209, both located on the north side. Frazier is now asking for private and public funding to help as many people as possible.

“I grew up in one of those old neighborhoods,” says Dr. Irvin Cohen of LISC Jacksonville. “It wasn’t like my parents had enormous wealth, but they knew I had to be able to see it to be the person they thought I wanted to be or the person they wanted me to be.”

Cohen is the Executive Director of LISC Jacksonville, which stands for Local Initiatives Support Corporation. They had a program that was already similar to what the two had made together.

This program is a six-month course on finance and home ownership before one can receive the down payment gift.

Frazier says they currently have $100,000 in funding, which will help up to 20 people.

“There are historically people who have been denied the opportunity to enjoy the American dream,” Frazier explains. “It’s about an opportunity to disrupt poverty by increasing home ownership.”

Cohen says they want to turn the neighborhoods on the north side into what it was when he was a kid.

“That’s how I think we’re tackling the problems of crime in many of our communities, the problems of despair in many of our communities,” Cohen said. “By bringing high-capacity traditional people back to these neighborhoods so that young people really get a real sense of what they can be.”

The program spends $5,000 to $8,000 toward a down payment on a home. First responders receive the higher amount.

You can apply by emailing [email protected] or visit this link learn more.

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