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Conversational AI Leader Funds Ph.D. fellowship for students to build richer, more meaningful experiences between humans and AI

NEW YORKMay 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN), a global leader in Conversational AI, has launched the LivePerson Fellows Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). The program sponsors Ph.D. students from UCSC’s Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab to ensure that the Conversational AI experiences of the future will provide more natural, empathetic, and human-feeling experiences for everyone.


The LivePerson Fellows Program grew out of a close collaboration between LivePerson and UCSC AI experts to transform experiences we have with AIs we interact with through speech or text and build richer digital experiences with Conversational AI for generations to come. Conversations may be the most natural form of communication, but they are incredibly complex and nuanced. There are many technical challenges in teaching artificial intelligence to converse in a way that is personal, meaningful and human† The LivePerson Fellows program aims to enable the next generation of scientists to realize new breakthroughs in natural language processing, natural language understanding and conversational AI. Read more about the Fellows program here

dr. Beth Ann HockeySenior Principal Data Scientist at LivePerson, and Dr. Marilyn WalkerProfessor of Computer Science and Engineering at the Baskin School of Engineering and Director of UCSC’s Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab, PhD at the University of Pennsylvania together. Hockey, who created the first-ever voice assistant for astronauts working in space, was recently asked to join the Industry Advisory Board of Walker’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) program, drawing on her experience at LivePerson and other technology companies to its curriculum and advice.

“Joining UCSC’s Industry Advisory Board was an ideal opportunity to help influence the future of NLP by sharing lessons from my work with industry, academia and government, plus feedback on the curriculum to ensure it matches the skills needed in this rapidly evolving field.” said hockey. “But we as a company wanted to do more. We want the next generation of NLP talent to be diverse, ethical and versatile. That’s where the LivePerson Fellows program comes in. We teach students the fundamentals of Conversational AI to build richer digital experiences for future generations.”

“We are proud of our partnership with UCSC’s incredible NLP program and are excited to support these talented data scientists as they build the future of Conversational AI. With the progress they make to make interactions with AI feel more humane, we have more positive, more meaningful digital experiences for future generations,” said Rob Lo Casciofounder and CEO of LivePerson.

Davan Harrison and Wen Cuic, both Ph.D. candidates in Natural Language Processing, are the first UCSC students to be named LivePerson Fellows† Their work focuses on solving some of the key problems in the field and improving experiences with AI communicating through speech or text.

Led by Walker, Harrison and Cui work on open domain projects that are not tied to a specific industry or field. Harrison’s area of ​​study, dialog act classification, helps AI better identify what a user is trying to achieve when they say or type something. Cui’s field of study, Entity Linking, links information strings to specific words to give AI more knowledge and support more natural and informed conversations.

“Studying open-domain dialogue presents unique challenges and opportunities for our NLP students to create models that talk like people. It’s an area that is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s industry,” Walker said. “LivePerson’s conversational systems perform nearly a billion conversational interactions per month. Our partnership with LivePerson will help us better understand the research needed to make these systems more natural and useful. My students’ work in these areas will Determining how people interact with products can make the world more accessible and easier to navigate.”

For more information about the LivePerson Fellows program, visit the LivePerson blog.

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