How to Hide “Run Your Automation” Notifications on iPhone and iPad


apples Shortcuts App lets you automate all kinds of useful things on your iPhone or iPad† Until the arrival of iOS 15.4, automations would double the notifications with the annoying “Run your automation” message, but now you can turn it off.

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Stop doubling notifications

To disable this somewhat annoying notification, make sure to turn off the “Notify when run” switch when you finish setting up your notification. This is in addition to the “Ask before you start” option, which allows automations to run without being prompted.

"Notify on run" Switch shortcuts

If you’ve already set up some automations, you’ll need to edit them by launching the Shortcuts app, tapping the Automation tab, and then tapping the automation you want to edit. From here you can easily access the “Notify on Run” toggle to turn off the notification.

If you don’t see the option to turn off Notify when running, you may need to update your device. Previously this was possible, but the steps were: much more complicated than pushing a switch

What “problem” does this solve?

If you’re not sure why you’d want to make this change, let’s take a look at an example. If you’re trying to extend your iPhone’s battery life, you may want to keep it charged somewhere between 80% and 40%. One way to do this is to set up an automation that notifies you to let you know when your iPhone is 80% charged.

Annoying notification of shortcuts on an iPhone screen.

Previously, the criteria that would trigger your automation (in this case “Battery level reaches 80%”) triggered a “Your automation is running” notification, which would be immediately followed by the notification or other action you specified in the settings.

This makes it impossible to have “silent” automations that just happen in the background, like playing musicopening diary appor check the news of the day in the Apple News app.

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iOS regularly reminds you of automations

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of all the unnecessary Shortcut notifications, as the app will occasionally notify you that some shortcuts have been running silently in the background. Apple probably deems this necessary to make sure you don’t forget about certain automations that could expose you to security or Personal problems

Shortcuts summary notification

Tapping on the notification shows you exactly which automations are running, with a button to make quick changes in the Shortcuts app.

Shortcut notification details

Do more with shortcuts

Shortcuts is a powerful tool in the right hands. You can use it to combine imageschange your wallpaper automaticallyor set a sequence of events when you open an app† You can even use AirTags as NFC triggers to do things with a tap.

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