How Capcom Is Making Street Fighter 6 Accessible For All Kinds Of Players

The more we see of Street Fighter 6, the more excited we get about what is arguably the best chapter of Street Fighter yet. It’s certainly early, but early reports from those who’ve had time with the game are promising for casual and competitive players alike.

Thanks in particular to the Summer Game Fest, which featured an early Street Fighter 6 build, we can get a closer look at the upcoming gameplay and imagine how well Capcom will balance the enticing early gameplay with meaningful core gameplay to both welcome in and a strong player base. preserve.

Both Catalyst and myself have been in the FGC competition for a minute or two and have our own take on what we’ve seen so far.

The community also appreciates the in-depth review and footage from Maximilian, who also contributes to SF6.

However, we also have reports from non-FGC members, and that’s where we find out how the game resonates outside of our corner of eSports.

The consensus so far from this crowd seems to be that SF6 is very attractive, offering a quick sense of control (thanks to clever inclusions like the simplified control option) and satisfaction.

The Drive system is also instantly accessible (at least with base parries and Drive Impact) while retaining a whole lot of extra nuance for players to explore if they wish.

For example, Drive Impact seems like an incredibly fun and intriguing mechanic that will give players an exceptionally satisfying hard hit (complete with paint splatter effects) and will be especially effective on newcomers. However, seasoned players will soon find countermeasures to it, the process of which seems to be just as, if not more fun.

The other part of the picture is you, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’ve seen in Street Fighter 6 so far in terms of welcoming and appeasing new players while still recognizing those who want to dig further.

Leave a comment (both here and on YouTube, along with a like and a sub) to let us know how you feel at this early stage.

00:00 – Intro – please both new and returning players
04:50 – Comments from non-FGC players
06:30 – (Simplified controls works for newcomers, don’t threaten returnees)
08:15 – (Satisfying visuals and gameplay right away)
11:15 – Comments from FGC players

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