Crafting broke the loot loop of ‘Destiny 2’ in a bad way

The idea behind crafting seemed simple in Destiny 2. Grind for drops, if you don’t get what you want it will take enough time for you to eventually make the drop you want. Easy, right?

Not… really, not in practice.

For two seasons of Destiny 2, players have been taking advantage of the game’s new crafting system, and from my perspective, this has turned the game’s central loot hunt into something really weird and complicated for most of its weapons. And it’s extra complicated, because there are still a lot of weapons left not makeable. Somehow, though, that makes them more attractive when they fall.

This is how loot drops used to work in Destiny:

  1. Play an activity to get a weapon.
  2. Upgrade seasonal benefits for more drops, double benefits.
  3. Play enough to get a throw you’re happy with, masterpiece it.
  4. Endgame activities give a bonus, Adept or Timelost weapons, with a stat bump and more mod options.

Sure, this can sometimes lead to RNG frustration if you played long enough without the exact role you wanted, but the craft system that grew out of that frustration turned the chase into something bizarre. Here’s how crafting makes looting work now:

  1. Play an activity to get a weapon.
  2. If the weapon is craftable, scrape more or less every drop of it.
  3. Farm specific to only red frame pattern weapons, which have a drop rate of 5-15%.
  4. Collect seasonal currency at the same time to focus Umbral engrams on also try to get weapons with red frame.
  5. Keep sharding non-red framedrops because even if they to be the role you want, or close to it, they can never get the enhanced benefits of the created version.
  6. Finally get five red frames to unlock the pattern after weeks of hardcore grinding. Make the weapon.
  7. The crafted weapon starts with perks you don’t want. You will use these perks until you are perhaps rank 16-18 as it is a waste of resources to switch them to lesser versions of the latter you want for that. You cannot use another drop from this weapon along the way. Keep sharding that one.
  8. At this point, you can finally pay 4,000 neutral elements to get the enhanced benefits you want. This requires you to get 40 kills on 14 other red frame weapons to extract their element.
  9. Create the enhanced perks, go to level 20 for stat bump, you have your god roll weapon. All future drops from this weapon will be aborted as they literally can’t be any better than the one you have.
  10. You are now tired of this weapon and continue to create a new weapon.

Bungie can say “oh tinkering is just a” choice if you don’t let your god roll,’ and yet it’s pretty clear that this system has turned into even more RNG frustration, try to get red frames, then this bizarre grind where you spend hours using a poorly rolled version of that weapon to get it where you want it.

For me, if you’re doing RNG, I’d rather have the old system. For me, I have never been satisfied with an Opulent or Haunted licorice this entire season. If it’s not red frames, it’s trash. Once made, the drops don’t matter at all. But the new one dungeon weapons, I still get excited every time one drops because I know that might be the part I’m holding. That feeling is gone for anything you can make now.

Again, maybe not everyone sees it that way, but I don’t think I’m alone here. I can suggest making changes to make it better, I guess, and I did, but essentially, after two seasons now, I’m not convinced it’s a system that belongs in the game at all.

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