A Diablo Immortal player spent $15,000 to get a rare gem and then destroyed it in protest

A Diablo Immortal player spent over $15,000 to acquire a rare 5-star gem item, then immediately destroyed it in protest.

New Zealand streamer Quin69 has been trying to get his hands on a 5-star gem since the game was released on June 2, spending thousands of dollars.

Over the weekend, he finally received his first 5-star gem, when he spent $25,165.57 NZD ($15,997 USD) on the game.

After getting the gem, Quin said “It’s over” and immediately removed the game.

However, then he realized he forgot to take a screenshot of the gem, so he reinstalled the game, before deciding to “destroy” the gem in protest.

Quin then reloaded the game and used his 5-star gem to boost a relatively useless 1-star item, intentionally destroying the 5-star gem.

He then left his clan, saying “It was an honor to whale with you”, before completely removing his hero to ensure he couldn’t resume the game later.

“Fuck you, damn it snow storm‘ he stated, pointing a middle finger at his camera before uninstalling the game for the last time.

Quin finally removed the game again and said, “Get off my computer, you don’t even deserve to stay on it. Diablo II Resurrected, you can stay. Diablo III, you’re on thin ice, but okay, I admit it. Diablo immortal? Get the fuck out of here.”

The reason it cost Quin so much money to buy a single 5-star gem is that while the game has microtransactions, they can’t be used to directly purchase rare items like Legendary Gems.

Instead, players must purchase “Legendary Combs,” which are then applied during Elder Rift dungeons. These crests allow the player to earn runes and gems during Elder Rifts, but their value differs each time.

As such, Quin took over $25,000 in tries before earning his first 5-star jewel. Players can equip up to six gems on their character, so if Quin had aimed for six 5-star gems, his $25,000 NZD investment would have cost him just 1/6 of the way there.

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Diablo Immortal has been criticized for its microtransactions since its release on June 2.

An analysis released shortly after launch suggested: it can cost up to $110,000 to fully utilize a character after the game with legendary gems.

As explained in a reddit threadthere is a whole level of upgrades that are only unlocked if a player manages to get their 5 star gems to rank 10. According to the thread, this is estimated to cost up to $40,000 worth of loot boxes.