This baggage tracking device made my trip stress-free

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Earlier this summer, I was preparing for a month-long trip abroad when I saw on social media that both Alison Roman and Jeremy O. Harris had lost their luggage in the same week. If this happened to two people with famous names, what did it mean for the rest of us? I was certainly doomed to the same fate. When I mentioned my travel anxiety to a friend, instead of reassuring me, she revealed that JetBlue had recently lost her luggage in a straight away Flight to Los Angeles- a route I thought was impossible to mess up.

Claiming luggage has always been a nightmare, but with so many people traveling now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted and airlines struggling to find and retain employees, it seems like an extra risky time to check a bag. However, I was traveling for a month; hand luggage was out of the question. So I started researching some solutions. Insurance was expensive, and if the worst happened I would only get enough back to cover the cost of my suitcase plus a few items. (I’m not a regular traveler and was also on my way to a wedding.) This seemed crazy, but what about buying a luggage tracking device? If I lost my stuff, I thought I could at least try to get it back. And knowing where it was might give me some peace of mind. And while no one has asked this question and haven’t had any issues so far, it still turned out to be the best thing I bought for the trip (and my sanity.)

After reading a Couple of reviews of tracking devices online, I found my way to LugLoc. It combines Bluetooth and cell tower technology to locate your bag anywhere in the world, even in places where GPS is blocked. (Not that I’ll be going there anytime soon, but nice.) It won’t give you an exact point on a map, but at least you know what airport or city it is in and when you’ll be within 20 feet of it. All you need to do is download an app on your phone and pay a small monthly fee if you’re still using it after the one-month free trial. My favorite part is that it texts you when you land that your suitcase has arrived safely in a new city, so waiting at the baggage claim isn’t much of a nail biter. It also has a long battery life and is easy to charge. (And no, this isn’t an ad.)

It may seem like a lot of money to pay with no guarantee you’ll get your bag back, but traveling can be stressful and investing in a little peace of mind has paid off immensely. I feel like it’s just me and my Lugloc against the world.

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