This 3D printed mount is perfect for Continuity Camera

One of the most impressive new features announced at this year’s WWDC is the continuity camera. This feature allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam both wired and wirelessly. forward macOS Ventura and iOS 16 is released to the public, we already see some creative ways to mount your iPhone on the top of your Mac.

What is continuity camera?

Continuity Camera is an impressive feature that lets you use your iPhone as your Mac’s camera, with some nice bonuses on top. The feature supports Center Stage, a feature that first debuted on the iPad and adjusts framing as you move to keep you centered in the frame.

Continuity Camera also supports Portrait mode and a Studio Light feature that “artfully dims the background and illuminates your face”.

However, one of its most impressive features is something called Desk View. This feature uses the ultra-wide angle lens on your iPhone to act as an overhead camera while using the continuity camera:

Using the Ultra Wide camera on iPhone, Desk View lets you show what’s on your desk during a video conference. It mimics an overhead camera and lets you share your desk and your face at the same time, without complicated settings.

At the WWDC keynote, Apple showcased some upcoming mounting options from Belkin, the popular maker of external accessories. The teased options include those made of aluminum and plastic, with a release date of “later this year.”

If you don’t want to wait until later this year, or don’t want to pay for what will surely be some high prices from Belkin, there is already a new 3D printable holder on the web. Created by Jonathan Wightthere are two variants available: one designed for the iMac and one designed for the MacBook Pro.

These 3D printed designs are an easy way to attach your iPhone to the top of your Mac for using Continuity Camera. It uses a MagSafe charging puck to hold your iPhone in place, with small ridges to hang over your Mac’s screen for ideal webcam placement.

Even with Apple teaming up with Belkin on some official mounts designed for Continuity Camera, we expect to see a ton of different options popping up in the coming months. We will definitely round them up on 9to5Mac when they roll in.

For now you can check out this 3D printable Continuity Camera confirmation here.

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