Huawei P40 Pro Setup screen

These are the first things you change on a new phone

Huawei P40 Pro Setup Screen

Buying a new smartphone is a fun experience as you unpack the device and play with your shiny new toy. However, the setup process does involve some work as you add a Wi-Fi connection, log into your relevant accounts, install the apps you want, adjust sound profiles accordingly, add Bluetooth devices and more.

After the installation process is complete and you’ve adjusted the expected settings, we wanted to know what was the first thing you changed on your phone. We held a poll earlier this week and here are the results.

What’s the first thing you change on a new phone?


We posted this poll on June 13, with just over 3,600 votes so far. It turns out that removing or disabling bloatware was easily the most popular first change, accounting for 35.42% of the vote. We can fully support this choice as many phones come with annoying pre-installed apps that just take up space on the home screen.

A distant second was changing the wallpaper and/or theme, accounting for 17.73% of the votes. The top three were rounded off by adjusting display settings (e.g., resolution, colors, temperature, refresh rate, etc.), as 12.03% of respondents chose this option.

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Meanwhile, changing app settings (for example, default apps and app notifications) and the launcher accounted for 11.98% and 11.27% of the votes, respectively. Finally, the least popular choices on the list were “other” (4.62%), “system animations (3.86%) and “battery/charging settings (3.10%)).

For what it’s worth, readers who voted “other” and left a comment pointed to settings changes such as turning off vibrations, switching the time to a 24-hour clock, switching to dark mode, and tinkering with the system (unlocking the bootloader, rooting, installing a custom ROM).


  • O’Christ: I disable vibration feedback by all means.
  • Ash: Switching time from 12 to 24
  • Joel Myhre: L NEED to see the battery percentage otherwise I can’t function. Though I may be the only one.
  • DBS: Immediately switch to a really dark theme (one that uses black, that’s how a really good dark theme is done). Only then, when the phone is usable, can I change its launchers, sounds, icons and remove any Google spyware from it.
  • Eric Koop: Switch to dark mode then all the other things I have to change won’t be such a pain
  • and then what?: Bootloader state is what I change first. Yes, I still root my phone and it’s a pain to recover things if you unlock the bootloader at a later date.
  • veesonic: I always switch to Nova Launcher and Google keyboard immediately. Other stuff I end up getting lol.
  • Mochamad Santaka: Change interface to gesture.
  • AndrĂ© Moura: Disable haptic feedback on the keyboard
  • fs10inator: ROM. Whenever possible, I unlock the bootloader, install custom recovery (like TWRP), and install a custom ROM of my choice. This way I get a much cleaner version of Android, with more space and less bloating. Then, right after, I switch launchers; in my case, I’m using Apex Laucher Classic, as it allows me to emulate the classic Launcher2 used in Google Nexus and GPE devices from 2011 (ICS) to 2014 (LP).
  • Alessandro87: the whole OS aahahahah with a habit of. can’t use stock rom on any device, i need root and good rom.
  • EenJ Tech: The first thing I do is change the screen in time from 30 seconds to ten minutes

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