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Terrifying Video Shows Autonomous Robot Tank Blowing Up Cars Remotely

We have managed to create some impressive robots over the years. From medical robots that can perform operations too small robots that can jump to new heights† There’s even a group of small robots that we plan to use to explore the moon. But now a video of a new AI-powered tank has surfaced. It shows how the military plans to use these scary developments in futuristic warfare.

AI-powered tank video shows the terrifying future of warfare

Milrem Robotics and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace released the video in early June. As one of the leading technology and defense providers in the world, it has been working to create robots that soldiers can use in times of combat. The result is a deadly and terrifying AI-powered tank that can fire from a remote turret.

The most intriguing and terrifying thing about this particular tank is that it uses AI to navigate and move around obstacles. That means there’s no person behind it who decides where it’s going. And it’s unclear whether the turret attached to the top is human-controlled or if Milrem hopes to make it autonomous as well.

We are slowly working our way towards more autonomous robotics, which can bring a lot to the table. Placing an AI-powered tank capable of blowing cars into the world on its own, however, raises some moral conundrums.

Advancing robotics

Milrem's AI-powered tankImage source: Milrem / YouTube

But even without those moral conundrums, the idea of ​​a tank controlling itself with access to live ammunition is somewhat terrifying. Milrem says the system is designed to help infantry breach defensive enemy positions with minimal risk to soldiers. While that sounds nice on paper, such systems could easily overwhelm smaller countries without huge budgets to fund similar projects.

On top of his AI-powered tank, Milrem is also working on another military robot. That robot is THEMIS, which means Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System. The robot is intended to be the size of a washing machine and is intended to provide troops with transport options. It can also detect and remove IEDs.

Beyond warfare, robots also continue to grow and improve. As I mentioned above, we are already planning to ship little robots to the moonand we’ve built robots that can perform operations completely autonomously. Still, AI-powered tanks highlight the terrifying future of warfare. A future that we know for sure will become more of a reality in the next ten years.

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