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See MacOS Ventura, iPhone 14 models and more in the AppleInsider podcast

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apples macOS Ventura includes promising features in the first beta, plus iPhone 14 dummy models reveal larger display options, we dive into watchOS 9, iOS 16 and more on the new AppleInsider podcast.

Despite sharing many features of iOS 16 and iPad OS 16, including Stage Manager and Mail improvements, macOS Ventura received unique updates that became apparent in the first beta. For example, Apple has improved Spotlight search, the Clock app has come to the Mac, and system settings have changed significantly from the previous one. macOS versions.

However, email improvements, such as the ability to send a message or snooze later, currently leave some questions unanswered. Other email services and third-party apps sync snoozed and scheduled messages using the cloud, but Apple’s implementation seems to lock this feature specifically for each device.

In an interview with TechCrunchapples Craig Federighi about Stage Manager for iPadhe promised improvements during the summer. So far has received the new function mixed reviews and seems to complicate macOS Ventura. have beta testers also complained that Stage Manager is only available for M1 iPads, which Apple says is because the feature requires that processor’s fast memory swapping.

We’re going hands-on with dummy units of all four iPhone 14 models, including what would be a larger display version of the non-Pro iPhone. And as predictedunfortunately a mini-sized iPhone device is missing from the lineup.

We round off the show with the latest rumors about a 15-inch MacBook and a 14.1-inch iPad rumors, new information about Apple Pay Later, and the Decade of Apple agreement with Major League Soccer.

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