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Israeli developer of athletic performance tracking devices player makerannounced on Thursday the completion of a $40 million round of funding to transform the company’s football-focused platform into a multi-sports platform starting with basketball.

The round was led by investment firm Ventura Capital Group, alongside investors MIG Capital, Pegasus Tech and others.

This announcement follows a string of recent collaborations between Playermaker and Fulham football club (FC), Leeds Beckett Universityand Liverpool FC wonder kid Harvey Elliotparticipate as a brand ambassador.

Founded in 2016, Playermaker designs wearable motion sensors on soccer players’ shoes that track and analyze a variety of physical, technical, tactical and biomechanical metrics. The sensors automatically use machine learning algorithms that are able to understand movements and unpredictable situations and detect every time a player touches the ball. This data provides valuable insights to empower athletes at all levels to improve their skills, monitor injury risk, and accelerate injury recovery. In addition, the data is used to identify a players running profile without compromising their performance.

The company has experienced substantial international growth in the demographics of academies, colleges, semi-professional leagues and elite-level teams. Playermaker has already started rolling out its Multi-Sport Platform by partnering with several elite recreational basketball teams in the US and Europe. Because performance tracking resources are traditionally available only to male professional athletes, Playermaker’s goal is to provide accurate performance insights and equal opportunity for all athletes, regardless of age, skill level, or gender.

“Our mission is to challenge the inequalities in sport and strive for fair play and equal opportunity for all by ensuring everyone has access to the knowledge they need to improve their game,” said Guy Aharon, CEO and co-founder of Playermaker. “We encourage and inspire boys and girls in the sports world to stay active, pursue their dreams and be the best they can be, regardless of their discipline, location or resources. Ultimately, where passion and shoes are, that’s where we want to be.”

“Such groundbreaking sports technology is extremely rare to find. Playermaker “up the game” for both professional and recreational football players, creating a unique level of deep insight and competitive advantage for players in a simple and user-friendly way,” said Mo El Husseiny, managing partner at Ventura.

“Our journey started with football, but the data, knowledge and experience we have gained form a rock-solid foundation that we are happy to use to take all athletes in all sports to the next level,” added Aharon. “We are confident that the success we have seen in football will be replicated in other sports because nothing feels better than having all the tools you need to improve playing a sport you love at any given time. level.”

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