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Honda U-Go Electric Scooter India Price, Specs, Availability and Everything We Know So Far

Honda is looking at the electric scooter space in India and rightly so – many prominent manufacturers in the Indian EV space have tasted quite a bit of success. The popularity of a city-friendly e-scooter will only grow. Recently, reports from reliable sources indicate that Honda plans to introduce the Honda U-Go electric scooter in India† It seems that Honda has already managed to patent the same Honda U-Go, increasing the chances of the Japanese scooter coming to India. Last year, the U-Go was introduced to the Chinese market, given the similarities in both markets. We take a look at what the Honda U-Go has to offer.

Honda U-Go price in India (expected)

The Honda U-Go could be an excellent value proposition for Indian buyers if Honda manages to equate the U-Go with its Chinese variant. While specific details are not available at this time if the product has anything to offer in the Chinese market, the Honda U-Go would be offered in two battery pack options and that will determine the price.

The Honda U-Go with a single 48V 30Ah lithium ion unit which will be available as the lower trim level will cost RMB 7,499 (approximately Rs 86,000). The higher trim level will benefit from a dual battery pack and will be priced slightly higher at RMB 7,999 (approximately Rs 92,000). This sub-Rs 1 lakh pricing will pit it against electric scooters from Bounce and Greta, while the e-scooter could also go up against those of the Ola and Ather which are on the higher side of the Rs 1 lakh mark.

Honda U-Go Specifications and Features


The Honda U-Go will be a compact electric scooter aimed at urban users who are interested in a vehicle for the last kilometer commute or a short trip within the city. The e-scooter is 1790mm long and 690mm wide at the front. The scooter tips the scales at 83 kg. The design also wraps around the body with minimalist designs on the body panels. Up front, the apron houses the headlight cluster with an inverted ‘U’-shaped DRL and the handlebars are flanked by a pair of LED turn signals. The rear features circular taillights that are simply designed, but incorporate modern LED elements.

The floorboard which is 350mm long will add to usability and the saddle which is 740mm high and 600mm long should seat two comfortably, especially for shorter commutes within city limits. Practicality is further aided by the inclusion of a 26-litre under-seat storage space. The front apron also gets pockets to stash essentials and is completed with a hanging hook and USB charger.


Performance and Range

The Honda U-Go’s all-electric powertrain consists of a hub-mounted electric motor and a Li-ion battery pack. The lower variant uses a 0.8kW motor in combination with a single 48V 30Ah lithium ion unit. This powertrain delivers a range of 65 km and propels the scooter to a top speed of 43 km/h. The more expensive variant will have a 1.2 kW hub motor with a peak power of 1.8 kW. The motor is coupled to a double 48V 30Ah lithium-ion battery with which the scooter has a range of 130 km and the scooter can also reach a top speed of 53 km/h.


The Honda U-Go, given its price point, will be quite spec’d and will have most of the features that electric scooter buyers have come to expect. The Honda U-Go gets triple LED headlights, LED turn signals, floating LED taillights, inverted LCD multi-information display, USB charging socket, etc. The scooter also gets a 12-inch front wheel with telescopic front suspension and a disc brake setup and a 10-inch rear wheel set up with a drum brake unit.

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