GBT’s New Approach ALU (arithmetic Logic Unit), non-provisional patent published June 2, 2022

GBT Technologies Inc.

GBT Technologies Inc.

SAN DIEGO, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) (“GBT”, or the “Company”), announced that its New Approach Arithmetic Logic Unit (“ALU”) Microchip IP, non-provisional patent application #17109889, was published on June 2, 2022 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).

An ALU is a circuit that performs arithmetic and logic operations. In a sense, the ALU is the “calculator” part of the computer and is usually incorporated into a CPU/GPU integrated circuit. The ALU is designed to calculate various operations, and the speed of the entire computer system depends on its ability to perform arithmetic and logic operations. With technological advancements over the years, ALUs have become more advanced and powerful to ensure complex operations and the whole system performance depends on it. Modern processing ICs contain multiple ALUs with the ability to use multi-processing operations to increase their throughput.

GBT patent aims to protect a new ALU system and method to significantly speed up instruction processing, arithmetic and logic computing processes. It is believed that the performance of the entire processor IC can be increased exponentially using multi-ALUs with the aim of creating new high-performance computing systems and architectures. The ALU concept involves new architecture circuitry and data flow to work within the new architecture with the aim of executing in a specific way to achieve a much higher processing speed. The technology aims to address ALU instructions that can be executed individually and/or in parallel. GBT plans to conduct further research in this area to do groundbreaking work in the field of supercomputers,

“Integrated Circuits companies are constantly looking for new ways to deliver faster performance through higher number of cores (parallelization), higher memory capacity, better power management and faster interconnectivity. Then there is the fabrication approach, where the transistor gets smaller, density increases to improve performance and reduce power consumption Process scaling becomes more challenging due to physics rules, it takes significantly more time and costs increase significantly along with a longer time to market. higher performance, lower power consumption and the ability to add more features.

We are looking for a turnkey solution in computing power that is currently still limited by the rules of physics. Because arithmetic and logic operations within processing ICs are a critical factor for speed, we have developed a new approach to the ALU. The new system and method introduce a different circuit and machine language (Flow) to perform much faster calculation in an efficient algorithmic method. The new ALU is designed to work in tandem with other semiconductor processing units to achieve superior speed and computing power. The patent application is intended to protect another methodology within the basic processing of ALU calculations, with the aim of making computers faster, with better utilization of parallel processing and execution of pre-computation instructions. As part of our constant R&D efforts to find new methods to improve the computing power of our modern world, especially for advanced machine learning algorithms, we try to develop new ideas to enable high-quality arithmetic/logical processing. The non-provisional patent application was published on June 2, 2022, and we plan to design an experimental POC microchip and test its performance with traditional ALUs in the near future.”

There is no guarantee that the company will be successful in researching, developing or implementing this system. To successfully implement this concept, the Company will need to raise sufficient capital to support its research and, if successfully researched, developed and approved by the regulatory authorities, the Company would need to enter into a strategic relationship with a third party experienced in production, sale and distribution of this product. There is no guarantee that the company will be successful in any or all of these critical steps.

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