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The next update for Gran Turismo 7 comes this week and will see one of the franchise’s most iconic vehicles back on the car list for the first time in a decade.

Polypony Digital studio head Kazunori Yamauchi revealed the update on Twitter, posting a message on Sunday, June 19 to say it was “coming next week” — with no specific date listed.

Additionally, Yamauchi posted what has become a tradition: a composite image of the cars coming to the update in profile but heavily shaded. It revealed that the update would bring in three additional vehicles, which appears to be the monthly norm for GT7

The three cars seem pretty easy to identify, with the top one in particular being a giveaway thanks to a massive splitter, massive rear wing and hulking roof scoop.

It’s pretty obvious that it’s the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak, a 1,000 horsepower hillclimb car built for Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima to compete in some of the world’s tallest races.

Based on a Grand Vitara (or Escudo in its native Japan), the car is fitted with a turbocharged Suzuki V6 — 2.5 liters in the early model, 2.7 liters for the later car — producing nearly four digits, to to cope with the thin mountain air. That also explains the gigantic wings, intended to create downforce even at 14,000 feet above sea level.

The Escudo Pikes Peak first appeared in Gran Turismo 2replaced by a later car from 1998 — for which the car GT7 also seems to be — appearing from Gran Turismo 3 until Gran Turismo 6† It became a fan favorite not only for its ridiculous speed, but also for the fact that it could break the game’s physics with certain settings and accelerate to 2.15 billion miles per hour…

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While it will be the obvious focus of attention, there are two other cars in the update. The first of these seems to be a Gr.3 version of the recent one Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo

This was a car that defied identification when Yamauchi revealed it in a previous silhouette post, but it’s an entertaining machine that combines a Hayabusa motorcycle engine with electric drive. The Gr.3 model will likely add big wings and a dose of more power, although it will be difficult to balance with the rest of the class due to its low weight.

That leaves the third car that appears to be new to the series and looks like a convertible version of the 1932 Ford or Deuce Roadster. Identifying it more accurately than that is tricky, as it’s an extremely popular hot rod – making it likely that it’s a car that Polyphony Digital encountered at SEMA in the past.

There’s currently no indication that anything else is coming to the game in the update, but fans will be hoping for new tracks – and new events to race on.

Only one track has arrived in the game since launch, and that was a very slightly rearranged version of an existing one – adding the 24 hour pit lane and start/finish to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps† A hole in the current GT World Series schedule before 1 July indicates that a new circuit is possible, but not inevitable.

In addition, players are still waiting for the opportunity to sell cars to come to the game, marked by Yamauchi as a “short-term” prospect in March, while issues with open lobbies are significantly more limited than GT sport‘s version is also a high priority for many.

We’ll have more on the update, especially when players can expect it, when we get more information – so keep an eye out for this space!

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