Alexa Together: How to Care for Family Members Remotely with an Echo Device

Do you have elderly relatives who do not live with you but need special care or attention? A service designed to help you check these is: Alexa Togetherwhich is available through a Echo device for the person who needs your support.

Daily alerts let you see if your loved one has used their Alexa device, while an activity feed shows you the person’s interactions with Alexa and others smart home devices† You can also set reminders on their Echo device and help them manage shopping lists and other activities.

If the Echo detects that the person has fallen and you compatible third-party fall detection device(Opens in a new window), Alexa can notify emergency contacts. There’s even a 24/7 emergency function that allows trained staff to help your loved one. In addition, other family members can join in to support them.

How much does Alexa Together cost?

Alexa Together costs $19.99 per month, but there is a six-month free trial that allows you to test the service. This is how it works.

What you need

Echo Show on a bedside table

Echo Show 5 (Picture: Amazon)

First, you need an Echo device for the person who needs personalized support. Any Echo device will do, although Amazon has a Echo Show if you also want to video chat with your lover. An Echo Show is also the easiest option if you want it all set the device in advance and then send it to your loved one.

As a caregiver, you don’t need an Echo device as long as you have the Alexa app installed on your phone or tablet. However, you need an Echo to use features such as: Alexa Call or Barge in and an Echo Show if you want to chat with the other person via video. You also need two separate Amazon accounts, one for you and one for the person who needs support.

Alexa Together Configuration

To get started, create an Amazon account for the loved one if they don’t already have one. You must provide a mobile phone number or email address. If the person doesn’t have a phone or email account, you can always set a special number or an email address on their behalf. In fact, you may find it easier to create and manage the person’s mobile number or email account, especially if they can’t do it themselves.

Next, you need to buy and set up an Echo device for your loved one. You can always order the Echo through Amazon and have it shipped easily to the person who needs care. But how do you do that? set the echo for them if they can’t do it themselves? Of course you can do this yourself the next time you see them. But what if they live far away and you can’t visit them quickly?

Instead of having it sent to the other person and waiting until the next time you visit them, you can have it sent to yourself, do the setup, and then send it to your loved one. First, make sure you choose the gift option when you buy the device from Amazon so it isn’t linked to your account. Then Follow these steps to set up the Echo for the other person.

When you set up an Echo Show for your loved one, you can choose to have the device stream a video of that person live to your own Echo Show. This can be useful if you want to be able to monitor them with their permission. To choose this option, tap Enable on the screen for: Echo Show can help you monitor your home

Activate Alexa Together

Buy Alexa together

Now it’s time to purchase the Alexa Together subscription. Browse to the Alexa Together website(Opens in a new window) and click the button for Start 6 month free trial

On the next screen, choose your payment option and click Continue. On the checkout page, click the button for Place your order.

Place order

Then you need to activate the service. Click the button for Activate Alexa Together

Activate Alexa Together

Select your Amazon profile and click Continue. Confirm your first and last name. Click Continue.

Confirm name

On the next screen, Amazon tells you that you and the other person must have unique Amazon accounts, verify your phone number to set up Alexa Communications, and verify an emergency address for the Urgent Response feature. Click Continue.

Verify Emergency Address

In the next screen, click the button for Provide help to indicate that you are the carer.

Provide help

Then enter the first name and email address of the Amazon account for the other person. Click the Send Invitation button.

Send invitation

The other person should then open the invitation email and click the button for: Log in to Amazon to view the invitation, a task you may want to do on their behalf. On the Amazon website, you or your loved one confirm their region, Amazon account name, and first and last name.

Open invitation email

On the next screen, the other person can watch a video to understand how Alexa Together works and then click the Accept Invitation button.

accept invitation

On the next Urgent Response screen, the other person clicks the Continue button to activate this feature. Alexa Together is activated.

Alexa Together activated

As a final setup step, you need to create a PIN to protect your loved one’s data so that you are the only one who can access it. To do this, open the Alexa app on your own device. Tap the More icon and then tap Show more. Select Alexa Together.

Create PIN code

On the screen prompting you to create a profile PIN, tap Continue. Tap Next. On the next screen, enter the one-time password to verify your phone number and tap Continue. Tap Next. Enter a four-digit PIN to secure and tap Save. Tap Done and confirm your new PIN.

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Confirm PIN code

Customize Alexa together

Enable Notifications

Now it’s time to check out the different features. Return to the Alexa Together screen in your Alexa app. Swipe to the bottom of the screen and tap the Alerts icon. Here you can enable alerts so that you are notified when the other person uses Alexa for the first time each day or if no activity is detected for a certain amount of time. Tap each of the two options to set a specific start and end time and tap Save.

Then you can view the recent activity and interactions between your loved one and Alexa. View the announcements below Today’s Recent Activity† Tap the link for View all activities to see interactions before the current day.

View all activities

You may want to manage certain features for the other person. On the Alexa Together screen, tap the Tips icon. Then tap the Learn more button for input for Make a reminder† You can also tap the Remote Assist icon at the top. Tap Contacts to set up specific Alexa contacts for your loved one. Tap Music & Podcasts to set up specific audio services.

Music and podcasts

Tap Reminders > Add Reminder† Type a name for the reminder, select a date, choose whether the reminder should repeat and how often, and then select a time. Tap Save.

Add reminder

Tap shopping list to create a list of items for the other person. Finally tap Spoken responses to customize the way Alexa responds to a question or command.

Spoken responses

Then you can contact your loved one in several ways. At the top of the screen, tap Call to make a call and Message to send a text. Tap Invade to invade the other person’s Echo device.

You can also tell Alexa to contact your loved one. Say, “Alexa, call [person’s name],” “Alexa, message [person’s name],” or “Alexa, come in on” [name of person’s Echo]† With an Echo Show on both sides, you can also see each other during a video call or stop by.

Contact loved one

Add people to Alexa Together

Want to add more people to help support your loved one? Swipe to the bottom of the Alexa Together screen and tap Settings > Circle of Support > Manage† Tap the plus button next to Invite a member† Enter their first name and email address. Tap Send Invitation. After that person accepts the invitation, they can act as a caregiver through their Alexa app and Echo device.

Invite a member

Next, you want to make sure that emergency services are set up for your loved one. Go back to Settings on the Alexa Together screen. Tap the Manage link for emergency settings. Confirm that you are listed as a contact person, that Urgent Response is enabled, and that your loved one’s address is listed as the emergency address.

Emergency settings

Finally, if you decide to cancel Alexa Together, before or after the end of the six-month free trial, browse to your Amazon Subscriptions Page(Opens in a new window)† For Alexa Together, click the Unsubscribe button and confirm the cancellation.

Cancel subscription

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