NVIDIA Ada Lovelace 'GeForce RTX 40' GPUs Power Limits Detailed: AD102 at 800W, AD103 at 450W, AD104 at 400W, AD106 at 260W

AD102 @ 800W, AD103 @ 450W, AD104 @ 400W, AD106 @ 260W

The power limits of NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace GPUs that will power the next-generation GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards have been revealed by Kopite7kimi† The power limits include both desktop and mobile parts.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Desktop & Mobile GPU Power Limits Detailed: Ada Lovelace Powered AD102 Flagship Desktop maxes out at 800W, flagship mobile AD103 maxes out at 175W

The lineup of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series based on Ada Lovelace’s graphics architecture comes in both desktop and mobile versions. We’ve heard several reports of how the flagship will feature a TGP up to 900W but as we know the power limits are the maximum the GPU can reach and do not reflect the actual TGP/TBP figures. These limits may only be achievable by heavily overclocked and custom cooled variants.

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So as we approach the power limits, we have four NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU SKUs, the AD102, AD103, AD104 and AD106. All GPUs except the AD102 will get a mobile variant and the reason is simply that the flagship chip has much higher power requirements that the laptop platform cannot support. The same was the case with the GA102 GPU, so the GA103 became the fastest mobile offering.

Starting with the desktop setup, the NVIDIA AD102 GPU will have a power limit of 800 W, the AD103 GPU will have a power limit of 450 W, the AD104 GPU will have a power limit of 400 W & AD106 will have a 260W power limit. As for mobile parts, the AD103 mobile GPU will have a power limit of 175 W, the AD104 mobile GPU will have a power limit of 175 W and the AD106 mobile phone will have a power limit of 140 W. Rounding the numbers up, we have:

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Desktop GPUs:

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  • AD102 – 800W max power limit
  • AD103 – 450W max power limit
  • AD104 – 400W Max Power Limit
  • AD106 – 260 W max power limit

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Mobile GPUs:

  • AD103 – 175W max power limit
  • AD104 – 175W max power limit
  • AD106 – 140W max power limit

This is a drastic increase in the power limits for the desktop and mobile components. The AD102’s 800W power limit is already insane, but the actual graphics card it uses will end up with a 600W TGP. The AD103 and AD104 GPUs are very similar, so the TGP numbers are almost the same on mobile and a difference of 50W on the desktop segment. The AD106 is in the mainstream 260W segment, while the actual graphics cards that use it will end up close to 200W TGPs. The mobile parts have a maximum power of 175 W, which is the best the platform could do in the given area. Anything more would require a major redesign of existing laptops and coolers for them, and it seems most manufacturers don’t want to make that extra investment right now.

Based on the power cap differences between the desktop and mobile parts, there will again be a huge performance difference between the two NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU segments. But that’s only due to the limitations on the mobile platform, still we expect to see a big boost when it comes to performance on the mobile side as desktops take things to the next level.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace ‘GeForce RTX 40’ GPU Configurations

GPU Name GPCs / TPCs Texting per TPC / total CUDA cores L2 cache Memory bus Power Limit Desktop (expected) Mobile power limit (expected)
AD102 12 / 6 2 / 144 18432 96MB 384-bit 800W N/A
AD103 7 / 6 2 / 84 10752 64MB 256-bit 450W 175W
AD104 5 / 6 2 / 60 7680 48MB 192-bit 400W 175W
AD106 3 / 6 2 / 36 4608 32MB 128 bit 260W 140W
AD107 3/4 2 / 24 3072 32MB 128 bit To be determined To be determined

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