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How iOS 16 makes your iPhone more personal

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Apple is coming iOS 16 release for iPhone remains a departure from the norm. It’s packed with customizable details that make it Apple’s most personal yet.

There has historically been this distinction between iOS and Android, with the former being ridiculed for its lack of customization options, while the latter was almost completely open. This general rule hasn’t gone away, but Apple now allows more customization than ever.

With iOS 16, Apple focused on allowing customizations that make sense and emphasized how personal your iPhone is as it is at the center of your life.

lock screen

For the first time, users can now fully customize their lock screen with iOS 16. Apple has added support for up to five widgets that can convey the most important information.

As a few examples, your current Apple Watch fitness rings can be displayed or the weather for your immediate location. Reminders or calendar events are also options.

Climate widget in iOS 16

Climate widget in iOS 16

We are big fans of HomeKit and with this new Lock Screen experience you can see your lock status, home temperature and more.

Aside from the widgets, you can now also show the lock screen a new featured photo every time you pick up your phone. This goes beyond just a static image.

Sleep tracking

Sleep data is quite personal and we appreciated that Apple added it to Apple Watch a few years ago. This update doubles.

Sleep Tracking Stages in iOS 16

Sleep Tracking Stages in iOS 16

When you track your sleep with Apple Watch, you can see exactly when you were in bed, how long it took you to fall asleep, the different sleep stages and the total time you slept.

It’s much more detailed than what Apple had previously offered.


Apple followed a similar trajectory for drug tracking. It’s been a feature in the Health app for a while, but iOS 16 builds on the feature on its own.

Registering medicines in the Health app

Registering medicines in the Health app

All your medicines and vitamins can be tracked via the Health app, including regular alerts so you don’t miss a dose. Each time you track your medication, it is logged in the app and displayed in a calendar.

Apple uses third-party data to also monitor your medications for potentially harmful interactions. These interactions can occur between multiple drugs or through recreational vices such as alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco.

Other changes

Focus modes were welcomed with iOS 15 and the ability to manage app access and notifications. With the iOS 16 update, Focus controls can now be more personalized.

By using focus filters, you can control access to certain content in apps. Our favorite use is Safari, where you can hide and show tab groups as needed.

This level of personal touches continues throughout the operating system. Some features are minor, such as the ability to see local news in the News widget, while others are larger, such as the goal of replacing passwords with passkeys.

Your iPhone can act as your password with passkeys that sync between all your Apple devices. This is hugely important for a passwordless future and another way the iPhone remains at the center of your life.

It’s been a slow transition as Apple moved the iPhone from a generic consumer and communication device to an essential necessity. All of these changes in iOS 16 just heighten the personality of your iPhone.

Available soon

At the moment, iOS 16 is currently in developer beta. A public beta is expected to be released in July, before full release this fall. Stay informed AppleInsider as we walk through more features for Apple’s upcoming software updates.

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